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Making Stuff: An Alternative Craft Book

by Ziggy Hanaor - £16.95  Black Dog Publishing Ltd (2006)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781904772613 | ISBN 10: 1904772617

The word 'craft' in the twenty-first century has been much maligned. Instead of implying guile, cunning, skill and technique, it has come to be associated with popscicle sticks and pipe cleaners on the one hand, and grannies' needlework and church fetes on the other.
Making Stuff is out to set the record straight... In a world of excess consumerism and high-street homogeneity, there has never been a greater need for people to get down and dirty and do it themselves, and with over 50 ideas ranging from the useful to the beautiful to the downright bizarre, this book will help you do exactly that. Contributors from all over the world guide you each step of the way as you turn paint-swatches into wallets, wool into i-Pod cosies and old jumpers into mittens. A How To... section will teach you the basic, and the rest is is up to your own imagination.
Whether you craft for ethical, economical or spiritual reasons, it's time to break out the gaffer tape and start making stuff!

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