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The Road Map To Nowhere: Israel / Palestine Since 2003

by Tanya Reinhart - £8.99  Verso (2006)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781844670765 | ISBN 10: 1844670767

A devastating and timely book, essential to understanding the current state of the Israel / Palestine crisis and the propaganda that infects its courage.
Based on extensive analysis of information in mainstream Israeli media, it argues that the current road map has brought no real progress and that, under cover of diplomatic successes, Israel is using the road map to strengthen its grip on the remaining occupied territories. Exploring the Gaza pullout of 2005, the West Bank 'separation wall', the rise to power of the Kadima party and Hamas, Reinhart examines the gap between myth - the Israeli leadership's public affairs achievement that has led the West to believe that a road-map is in fact being implemented - and bitter reality.
Reinhart shows that throughout, Ariel Sharon's goals, and those of his successor Ehud Olmert, have stayed the same: to maintain Gaza as a closed prison, to transform the West Bank into a system of sealed enclaves and to annex Palestinian land under cover of the construction of the 'separation wall'. The army, which represents the true power in Israel, will forcibly ensure the legacy of Sharon is applied - Hamas's election success represents an ideal pretext to do so.
This powerful new book is written with the rigor and sharp anger of one of the rare Israeli intellectuals who had long predicted and explained the prolonged stalemate of the successive 'peace processes' initiated by the 1993 Oslo accords.

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