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From Homebreakers to Jailbreakers: Southall Black Sisters

by Rahil Gupta (editor) - £20.99  Zed Books (2003)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781842774410 | ISBN 10: 1842774417

Against all the odds, a poorly funded, radical women's group - Southall Black Sisters - has become synonymous with black British Feminism over the last 21 years. They have not merely offered welfare advice from their West London base, but have spearheaded campaigns on a range of issues from abused wome who kill (such as the celebrated case of Kiranjit Ahluwalia) to the dangers posed to women by the rise of religious fundamentalism. This important anthology makes the connections between race, gender & class, and ensures that a neglected area of current feminist debate is not lost to history through a failure to recored insights gained in the heat of activism. Topics include: the development of Southall Black Sisters; changes in attitudes to domestic violence; the state response to forced marriages in the Asian community; mental health's link to violence; gender & immigration; police practice & policy; multiculturalism versus feminism; the way ahead for black feminism.

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