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The Color of Love

by Kiyo Ueda - £11.99  Digital Manga (2008)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781569707463 | ISBN 10: 1569707464

High schooler Nao is in love with his best friend, Taira, but is adamant about keeping his feelings secret. When Taira begins to notice a change in his friend, will Nao deny his feelings or accept them?
Meanwhile, Makino has a history of bad luck when it comes to love, but because he only dates guys of a certain "type". Will he learn that loving is more than just physical attraction when the devoted Sasaki admits his feelings?
And when Yoshino receives a romantic confession from his close friend, Yamazaki, will his fears about being lovers come true? Can he reconcile Yamazaki as his lover?
More heart-warming stories by Kiyo Ueda are contained within.
Short, sweet, and always sexy, The Color of Love shows that true love often comes in many different forms. After all, love isn't black and white - it comes in a variety of shades!

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