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Health Service Wildcat (Wildcat Comicbooks No. 4)

by Victoria N. Furmurry & Donald Roo'um - £3.00  Freedom Press (1994)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780900384738 | ISBN 10: 0900384735

Anarchist cartoonist Donald Roo'um and health service worker Victoria N. Furmurry joined forces to write this book, which is dedicated to the daft doctrine that people trained in making profits can provide a better health service than people trained in caring for the sick.
In her introduction Victoria N. Furmurry says (writing in 1994):

"I am not an anarchist. I am a Health Service worker. I've worked in it for more years than I intend to admit here, and I care deeply about what's happening to it and the people who work in it. My terms and conditions used to refer to me as a Health Service Officer. Now I'm an employee. Am I missing something subtle here?
There are new crimes in the NHS. 'Bringing the service into disrepute' is one (us??). 'Causing the management to lose confidence in you as an employee', that's another. These are 'gross misconduct' and can make you liable to instant dismissal. Causing the employees to lose confidence in you as an employer doesn't seem to count.
It has been suggested to me that putting my name to these cartoons would not be a brilliant career move, but we didn't make this up you know ... Despite everything the government has done to it, the NHS, like the Curate's Egg, is still good in parts. The staff struggle against the stress of budget cuts and irrational management decisions to treat the patients well. And we still manage to smile as we do it, for the day we lose our sense of humour, we are all in serious trouble"

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