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Global Activism, Global Media

by Wilma de Jong, Martin Shaw and Neil Stammers - £24.99  Pluto Press (2005)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780745321950 | ISBN 10: 074532195x

Radical political activist movements have grown exponentially over the last decade. Activist politics have come to influence 'mainstream' politics over fundamental issues such as trade, gender relations, the environment and war.
This book brings together activists and academics in one volume, to explore the theory and practice of global activism's relation to all forms of media, mainstream and otherwise. The contributors examine how global activism is represented in the mainstream press and explain the communication technologies and strategies that activists adopt to spread their own ideas.
Investigating Indymedia and internet activism, they show how transformation in communications technology offer new possibilities, and explain how activists have successfully used and developed their own media.
Case studies and topics include the World Social Forums, and example of a campaign from the NGO Action Aid, a campaign strategy from an internet activist, Greenpeace and the Brent Spar conflict, the World Development Movement and representations in the mainstream press, the Independent Media Centre, transgender activism on the net, Amnesty International, and Oxfam and the internet.

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In booklists: Media and Media Studies, Activism & Resistance, Social Forum, Alternative / Political Media,
In categories: Media & Culture, Politics & Philosophy, Changing the World, Anti-Capitalism & Global Inequality,

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