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Doctor Salt

by Gerard Donovan - £7.99  Simon and Schuster (2006)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780743263597 | ISBN 10: 0743263596

'Feeling left out of the party? Innevitably disappointed? You may be suffering from Seasonal Anxiety Disorder, or SAD. A product has been developed that may alleviate the effects...'
Sunless has his problems - don't we all these days? - but at least he has been accepted intp a drug trial for a new medication. So he boards the Pharmalak train in Salt Lake City, that takes him to his appointments in the Pharmalak hospital, where a doctor prescribes him Pharmalak pills.
In addition, Sunless is careful. He avoids flies, just like he avoids angels. Both have a tendency to spy on him. But there's something he keeps meaning to ask his doctor: what have they done with his father?
Sunless may be crazy, but so is the system that treats him. One of them is going to break.

"Clean genius... as brilliant and original as we might expect from the author of 'Schopenhauer's Telescope'. The language is beautifully simple, beautifully disturbed, macabre."
"In the intelligence of its perceptions, the precision of its insights and the subtlety of its realisation, it proves itself to be wholly contemporary in its critique of Bush's America."
(Independent on Sunday)

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