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My Father's Daughter

by Hannah Pool - £9.99  Penguin Books Ltd (2006)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780141016047 | ISBN 10: 0141016043

For the first twenty years of my life this is what I knew about my background: I was born in Eritrea, a tiny country on the north-east coast of Africa. My mother died in childbirth, my father not long afterwards. I was placed in an orphanage in Asmara, the capital, by a distant relative, or perhaps a neighbour. That's it. The sum total of my family knowledge.
Six months later I was adopted by a British academic, and that's how I ended up growing up in a white family in Manchester.
And then one day, when I was a student in Liverpool, I received a letter with an Eritrean postmark. It was from my brother in Asmara, the one I never knew I had.
My Father's Daugher is the story of what happened next. Of what it's like to go from England to Africa to meet the family you never knew existed. Of what it's like to be twenty-nine before you look into the eyes of a blood relative, and of what it's like to have two fathers.

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