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I Didn't Do It For You: How the World Used and Abused a Small African Nation

by Michela Wrong - £10.99  Perennial (2005)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780007150953 | ISBN 10: 0007150954

A story of betrayal, belligerence and bloodshed, I Didn't Do It For You is the portrait of a country torn by war and buffeted by the capricious manoeuveringgs of foreign powers, which remains defiant throughout. It is a story that reveals the colonial and superpower legacy of a continent.
No country better embodies Africa's battered history than mulish Eritrea. Still bearing the imprint of its occupiers (including the continent's best espresso and worst rail system), it has served as a launch pad for Fascist Italy's imperial ambitions, a US spy base, and a pawn in the Cold War's proxy aggressions. Michaela Wrong nrilliantly exposes the conflicts and comedy of twentieth-century Africa while employing her acute eye for incongruous detail. Along the way, we meet a guerilla fighter who taught himself French cuisine in the trenches, a formidable emperor, and a chemist who arranged a heist on his own laboratory. A blend of travelogue and history, I Didn't Do It For You pierces the heart of our colonial past.

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