Booklist - Languages: Books for Children and Young Adults

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How to Say 'I Love You' in 5 Languages (Board Book) by Kenard Pak, £8.99 (hardback, 2018) ISBN 9781786030818

Chinese Symbols for Baby Brains by Chungliang Al Huang with Lark Huang-Storms, £8.99 (hardback, 2017) ISBN 9781848193765

Hello World: A Celebration of Languages and Curiosities by Jonathan Litton, £14.99 (hardback, 2016) ISBN 9781848575035

Fun and Easy Chinese: Making Mandarin Chinese child’s play! by Elinor Greenwood, £8.99 (paperback, 2014) ISBN 9780992888206

Irish for Beginners by Angela Wilkes and John Shackell, £7.99 (paperback, 1989) ISBN 9780746003831