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Using our online order website
Mail order, delivery charges & payment
Returns policy

We can order almost any book in print in the UK & Ireland - including many American & European titles

Many popular titles available within 2-3 days, and most others in 1 to 2 weeks(Subject to availability)

On this page:

How to order

ORDER ONLINE - Visit to look up more than a million titles & place orders

  • Local customers: order online & collect from the shop (an email is automatically sent when your books are ready)
  • Mail-order customers: pay securely by credit or debit card

> > > more information about using the online order website

OR, BY PHONE or EMAIL - or, of course, come into the shop!

Please tell us:

  1. the title & author of each book you want to order
    (if you can tell us the publisher and / or the ISBN, that's useful too, but often not essential)
  3. your name & contact details (phone number or email address - if you do not have phone or email, we'll ask for your postal address)
  5. whether or not your order needs to be posted to you
    - IF YES: please also tell us the delivery address & how you will be paying.
> > > more information about mail-order / mail-order form (PDF) / mail-order form (Word)

If your order is to be collected from the shop:
we will ...

  • ... give you an order reference number - please quote this when you contact us
  • ... tell you how long we think it will take to come in
  • ... ask you for a deposit - minimum 1, more if the book is expensive
    (if you are ordering by phone or email we would only request a deposit if your order was unusually big or expensive)
  • ... try to contact you soon after the order arrives
    - (if you don't hear from us after the expected order time, please get in touch to check on your order)
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    How long do orders take?

    If your book is stocked by our wholesale supplier, we'll get it within 2-3 days.
    the wholesaler carries a huge range of bestselling titles

    Otherwise, we'll order it direct from the publisher - most publishers supply in about 7-10 days

    Do you need a book by a certain date (for example, in time for an exam, or for a birthday present)? We recommend that you place your order at least 2 weeks beforehand.

    Possible delays:

    Sometimes, for reasons beyond our control, books can be temporarily unavailable

    • the supplier may have no copies & is awaiting more from the publisher (if they are waiting for stock from overseas, this can take up to 6 weeks)
    • the publisher may be out of stock & is having to print more copies

    If there is a problem, the supplier will report it to us & we'll tell you about it when you check back with us.
    - Your book IS still on order - it will be sent to us as soon as it becomes available again

    Note: when you search for a title on our online order website, the current 'availability' status is displayed.
    (occasionally this can be wrong, if publishers have not provided up to date information to the database!)

    Even if the book is showing as temporarily unavailable, we CAN usually still take your order, but we may not be able to tell you how long it will take.

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    Hard-to-find books

    Our online order website is a comprehensive database of books available to order in the UK & Ireland
    - but what if the book you want isn't listed?

    Phone or email us & tell us what you're looking for - we'll check further & see if we can get it
    It's helpful if you can tell us the publisher of the book - we can then check directly to find out if the book is available

    Why might a book not be listed on the order website?

    Some titles are hidden on the website - this might be because there is not enough information about them, or their availability status is uncertain. Others may be hidden because they are American or other foreign titles that are not distributed in the UK

    'Hidden' titles can sometimes turn out to be available - we'll do our best to find out

    Is it possible to order foreign titles?

    It depends if they are stocked by a UK supplier. If they are, they will usually be listed on the online order website.
    Contact us & we'll find out if we can get what you want.

    European books: we can source most European books currently in print from a UK supplier, though if they do not have the title in stock it can take several weeks to arrive.

    American books: many books published in the USA are easily obtainable within the UK & will be listed on the order website

    *** Please contact us to enquire about any US titles that you haven't been able to find on the website***
    we might be able to get them direct from the USA - usually takes about 2 weeks
    (NOT all US titles are available this way)

    Books from elsewhere in the world: if they are not listed on the order website, it is very unlikely that we can get them.

    Out of print books

    'Out of Print' means that the publisher has no copies left, and does not plan to print any more - the book is unavailable.

    ** Sorry, we are NOT able to order Out of Print books **

    You may be able to find out of print books through second-hand bookshops or second-hand book search services - there are several online.

    Other books we can't get

    Very, very occasionally, we may have problems getting a book because the supplier's minimum order value is too high.

    What this means is, the supplier does not accept orders for single copies of a book or for small quantities of books; they may require us to order at least, say, 100-worth of books, for example. If there are not enough other books that we need to order from that supplier, we may not be able to make up the minimum order.

    In that case, we would recommend that you try ordering from another bookshop.

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    We sell books at publishers' Recommended Retail Prices
    - RRPs are listed on our order website - (Note: publishers may alter prices from time to time, without notice)

    If another retailer is selling a book at a price cheaper than the RRP, this will be because they have negotiated a bigger trade discount from the publisher OR they may have deliberately decided to make less profit on the book in the hope of making more sales overall by promoting it at the cheaper price.

    As a small bookshop, run on a not-for-profit basis, we simply cannot afford to do this - we hope that we more than make up for it with our customer service!

    When might we increase the price of a book?
    • VERY occasionally, we may have to slightly increase the retail price if the publisher's trade discount is too small
      (if the mark-up works out very small, it's in fact costing us money to sell the book!)
    • We may also sometimes need to charge extra if the publisher has charged postage or any other additional surcharges as extra costs on the order.

    For customer orders, we will try to let you know in advance if there are any extra charges like this that we need you to cover (but often we don't know until the books actually arrive & we receive the invoice).

    We try wherever possible to keep such necessary price-increases to an absolute minumum
    It is usually smaller publishers that need to charge postage or other extra costs, in order to keep their costs down

    Prices on our catalogue website (this one!) may sometimes be slightly different to prices listed on our order website.
    The prices & other information on the order website are updated daily from the BookData books-in-print database, BUT this catalogue website is maintained manually by us.
    It is extremely difficult for us to ensure that price information for all the hundreds of titles listed on the catalogue website remain absolutely up-to-date.
    This is why we cannot guarantee listed prices - however, any price differences are unlikely to be more than a couple of pounds
    If you would like to check actual prices before ordering, JUST ASK - we're happy to check prices directly with the publisher!

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    Cancelling Orders

    If you no longer need the book(s) you have ordered, or you have simply changed your mind, please let us know as soon as possible!
    Phone us on 0151 708 7270 & tell us your name & your 3-digit order number, OR if you ordered on the website tell us that it was a Web Order.
    We will then try & cancel the order. However, because we send orders off to publishers very quickly, it is not always possible to catch the order before they despatch it to us.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you cancel an order after it has arrived, OR it is too late to stop it being sent out by the supplier, then you will lose any deposit that you have paid.

    Please be certain about what you want to order - we do not offer refunds unless the item is faulty
    >>> more about our Returns Policy

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    Uncollected Orders

    We'll keep books that you've ordered reserved for you for at least a month after they arrive.
    If an order has not been collected after a couple of weeks or so, we'll try to contact you to remind you.
    If the order remains uncollected after a month and we have not heard from you, we will then either put it out for sale within the shop OR try to return it to the supplier, and you will lose any deposit you have paid.

    If you paid for the book in full when you ordered, or your deposit was a substantial part-payment, then we will of course keep the order aside for longer, & make every effort to remind you.

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