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Iraq: Human Rights Abuses -

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  • Cover image of book Dreaming of Baghdad by Haifa Zangana
    Dreaming of Baghdad - by Haifa Zangana

    £14.99   paperback   (2010) - ISBN 13: 9781558616059 | ISBN 10: 1558616055

    In 1970s Iraq, the Ba'ath Party was at the height of its influence in the Middle East and popularity throughout the West. But a group of activists recognized the disastrous potential of the regime as its charismatic leader, Saddam Hussein, became mor ... more

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  • Cover image of book Mayada: Daughter of Iraq - One Woman
    Mayada: Daughter of Iraq - One Woman's Survival in Saddam Hussein's Torture Jail - by Jean Sassoon

    £7.99   paperback   (2004) - ISBN 13: 9780553816402 | ISBN 10: 0553816403

    Mayada Al-Askari was born into a powerful Iraqi family. When Saddam Hussein seized power, Mayada little imagined the devastation this would wreak upon her life. But soon she found herself alone in Baghdad, a divorced mother of two, earning a meagre ... more

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