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Marx and Engels: A Biographical Introduction

by Ernesto Che Guevara - £6.99  Ocean Press (2008)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781920888923 | ISBN 10: 1920888926

An unpublished work by Che Guevara.
"Now St. Karl is paramount, the axis, as he will be for all the year I remain on the face of the earth..." So wrote young Ernesto Guevara referring to Karl Marx in a letter to his mother from Mexico in October 1956.
Che learned from the German revolutionary, and in his extensive travels never ceased immersing himself in the classic works of Marxism. Many of Che's comments about Marx might also refer to Che himself, such as his observation:
"Such a humane man whose capacity for affection extended to all those suffering throughout the world, offering a message of committed struggle and indomitable optimism, has been distorted by history and turned into a stone idol."
Written after Che's 1965 mission to Africa, this unpublished biographical introduction to Marx and Engels will assist a new generation to understand not just the key concepts of Marxism but also to learn more about the author himself, whose image and example continues to inspire rebels on every continent.

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