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Complete Book Reviews by George Orwell

by George Orwell - £24.99  Vor Press (2021)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781916363243 | ISBN 10: 1916363245

George Orwell: "One cannot read everything, and to be aware even of the extent of one's ignorance means accepting a great deal at second or third hand."
Fortunately, Orwell read prodigiously. The 320 reviews take us to different worlds: Napoleon's retreat from Moscow; Finland at war; Mark Twain's America; the Faroe Islands; Hitler; Mussolini. Biographies include fascinating insights into Baudelaire, Byron, Carlyle, Dickens, Gogol and Parnell. Others include Clement Attlee, Chekhov, Arthur Conan Doyle, de Gaulle, Gandhi, Kipling, Lermontov, Jack London, Stendhal and Jules Verne. Women of achievement include writers, a sculptor and a factory inspector.
Authors reviewed by Orwell include:
Ernest Bramah, Pearl S Buck, Churchill, Conrad, CS Forester, EM Forster, Robert Graves, Graham Greene, FA Hayek, Aldous Huxley, Christopher Isherwood, WW Jacobs, Arthur Koestler, DH Lawrence, CS Lewis, Sinclair Lewis, Wyndham Lewis, Jack London, Thomas Mann, Katherine Mansfield, Ngaio Marsh, Henry Miller, Malcolm Muggeridge, Sean O'Casey, JB Priestley, Bertrand Russell, Jean-Paul Sartre, Dorothy Sayers, Nevil Shute, Upton Sinclair, Robert Tressell, Evelyn Waugh, HG Wells, Oscar Wilde, PG Wodehouse, Virginia Woolf, Richard Wright
Poetry lovers will enjoy reading ee cummings, WH Davies, Eliot, Brian Merryman, Milton, Pope, Dylan Thomas, Henry Treece and WB Yeats.
Orwell's reviews also cover racism, totalitarianism, prisons, Burma, China, India, the USSR, imperialism, pacifism, warfare and the Home Guard.
For copyright reasons, this edition is not for sale in the U.S.A.

(Price & availability last checked: February 2022)

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