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Revenge is Sour: Lesser-Known Short Works by George Orwell

by George Orwell - £14.85  Vor Press (2022)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781916363212 | ISBN 10: 1916363210

"This is an excellent and endlessly interesting collection. For anyone who wants to go beyond Animal Farm, Nineteen Eighty-Four and that essay on 'Politics and the English Language' which is the only one that most people have read, this is a wonderful book.
The introduction is the clearest short exposition of the development of Orwell's political thought that I have read; how he was of the left but hostile to most 'socialists', and how the Spanish Civil War gave him clarity in opposing totalitarianism of both right and left. Not only that, but it has some lovely lines in it, such as how Orwell's recklessness got him injured when he was shot by a sniper in Spain: 'He had literally stuck his head above the parapet.'
The notes are well done, comprehensive and good reading in themselves.
The criteria for including essays in the book are current relevance, rarity, excellence, and those showing Orwell's development as a writer, and this delivers a collection that is varied, captures Orwell's distinctive smoky voice as it grows in confidence, and offers some remarkable insight into modern controversies, particularly over antisemitism, authoritarianism and public morality ' the title essay, 'Revenge is Sour', is a fine short meditation about how, when someone to whom an injustice is done is in a position to take revenge, they no longer need to. "
(John Rentoul, chief political commentator for The Independent)
"George Orwell's later life and intellectual development are examined through salient essays, lively notes and an illuminating introduction. This is fresh and therefore - like Orwell - relevant. "
(Neil Kinnock, former Leader of the Labour Party)

(Price & availability last checked: February 2022)

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