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Gaza: An Artist's Response

by Peter Rhoades - £7.99  Skyscraper Publications (2016)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781911072058 | ISBN 10: 1911072056

The book reproduces a set of drawings by English artist, Peter Rhoades with a foreword by Professor Avi Shlaim.
The drawings were made as a response to media coverage of the Israeli attack on Gaza "Operation Cast Lead" in 2008-9. Rhoades was appalled by the overwhelming violence, destruction and suffering being imposed by a military superpower on a virtually defenceless population. An attack of even worse severity was mounted subsequently in 2014. The drawings were made spontaneously and viscerally in face of press photography and texts.
The issues involved in the conflict were brought into focus for the artist at the time by an article in the Guardian newspaper by Professor Avi Shlaim and this led to Rhoades showing the drawings to Professor Shlaim in Oxford. The drawings are intended as a tribute to the sufferings and deprivations of Palestinians in Palestine/Israel and elsewhere.

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