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What's Your Granby Story?

by Various authors - £2.99  Writing on the Wall (2015)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781910580073 | ISBN 10: 1910580074

"These memories of Granby Street chronicle the passion and importance of Liverpool's diverse cultural heritage. From stories of poverty, hardship, displacement and isolation, to those of entrepreneurialism, settlement and community, the overall tone is not one of complaint, but of tenacity and aspiration.
This collection of stories and poems takes you through an emotional theme park. This is an insightful, funny and magical recalling of what people can achieve through integration.
It was a pleasure to be involved in the creation of this book. I'd like to personally thank all who so generously shared their feelings and memories. "
(Curtis Watt, Poet and Tutor)

(Price & availability last checked: September 2015)

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