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Voices from the West Bank: Young People Living Under Occupation

by Chris Jones and Michael Lavalette - £8.99  Bookmarks (2011)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781905192823 | ISBN 10: 1905192827

Over 60% of Palestinians living in the West Bank are under 20 years old. It is from their experiences and stories that Voices from the West Bank explores this extraordinary beseiged society and the Palestinians' enduring resistance to a ruthless occupation.

"Palestine is one of the most analysed areas in the world, much of it in one dimensional headlines. Jones and Lavalette decided they were going to live with the Palestinians, to discover and to understand the meanings of oppression and occupation, and to learn about daily life and Palestinian dreams in the West Bank. It is more than a book; it is also like a diary that demands to be read, especially by Palestinians."
(Firas Helou, Abnaa El Balad, Nazareth)
"This book shines a desperately needed torch on the emotion, plight, resistance and the daily life of Palestinians. It cuts through history and legal jargon to bring you the pain, trauma and at the same time the humour and hope amongst ordinary people in the West Bank. A book illuminating the human dimension of Israeli occupation, this is a vital read for all those who care for human rights and dignity."
(Ismail Patel, Friends of Al-Aqsa)
"This is an excellent book. Its very well-written and illustrated, passionate and convincing in a nicely under-stated way. I learned a lot from it."
(Colin Barker, author of Solidarity: Festival of the Oppressed (Bookmarks) and Revolutionary Rehearsals (Bookmarks))

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