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The Kama Sutra Diaries: Intimate Journeys Through Modern India

by Sally Howard - £9.99  Nicholas Brealey Publishing (2013)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781857885897 | ISBN 10: 1857885899

Sally Howard, a self-confessed child of the Western Sexual Revolution, sets out on a 'sexploration' through modern India, travelling by train, plane and auto-rickshaw.
From the heat of anti-rape protest on the streets of New Delhi to the cool hills of Shimla, playground of the Raj; from a Gujurati retirement home for gay men and eunuchs to a busy sex clinic in Chennai; from patriarchs to matriarchs; GIGs (Good Indian Girls), BIGs (Bad Indian Girls) and the flesh-pots of Bombay, she – accompanied by feisty Delhi girl Dimple – lifts the bed sheets on India’s sexual revolution.
And it’s a revolution that’s full of fascinating surprises and contrasts; for India – the land that gave us that exuberant guide to sexual pleasure, the Kama Sutra – is also the land where women remain cloistered in purdah while teenage girls check out porn online; where families bow down to a conjoined phallus and vagina, the ‘Shivaling’, while couples fear to hold hands in public; and where the loveless arranged marriage is still the norm.
Colourful, compelling, confounding, The Kama Sutra Diaries reveal what India has to tell us about modern-day love, sex and sexuality.

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