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A Better Nation: The Challenges of Scottish Independence

by Gerry Hassan and Simon Barrow (Editors) - £14.99  Luath Press Ltd (2022)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781804250143 | ISBN 10: 1804250147

As the battle of words over the future of Scotland as a democracy, nation and society continues, A Better Nation: The Challenges of Scottish Independence aims to go beyond the superficial divisions and media noise in order to address matters of real substance. Drawing on a range of original thinkers from a wide range of backgrounds, it tackles key issues about money, culture, equality, energy, borders, jobs, Europe and other 'big questions' head on. A Better Nation illustrates the high stakes in this debate, as well as the opportunities it affords.
Outlining political approaches which are respectful of different views, doubts and ambiguities, it asks what kind of society we want to create and how we want to govern ourselves. The nature of the British state and Scottish democracy, the need to tackle inequalities, the challenges of centre-left politics, the climate emergency and the pressing need for a wellbeing economy are put at the heart of the discussion about independence.
Contributors include: Ciaran Martin, Roz Foyer, Paul Mason, Gavin Esler, Joyce McMillan, John Curtice, Dani Garavelli, David Clark, Tanja Bueltmann, Malcolm Chalmers, Kirsty Hughes, John Kay, Lisa Clark, Colin Kidd, Hannah Graham, Paul Sweeney and many others.

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