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One World Calendar 2024

by New Internationalist - £16.95  New Internationalist Publications Ltd (2023)
calendar    ISBN 13: 9781780266183 | ISBN 10: 1780266189

The One World Calendar is a visual expression of shared humanity. Its purpose is to foster an understanding of and empathy with the world's diverse cultures and peoples.
The images selected for the calendar are beautiful, honest, insightful, and of outstanding quality. The theme for 2024 is 'Contrasts'. The contrasts highlighted and explored in this One World Calendar are as much about clashes in colour and texture as about social context. As seen on the front cover, a boy is being elaborately made up in honour of a local deity in a south Indian village; the whites of his eyes and the blood red of the marking show up fiercely against the deep blue of the skin. Elsewhere in the collection, a behatted man greets his grandson; as the only person in the frame not dressed in extravagantly coloured and fanciful costume amid this Guatemalan festival, the eye is drawn inexorably towards the sheer delight on his face.
Only the extraordinary photograph from Gaza uses contrasts to propound a ‘message’ in the more journalistic sense, as a father gives a bath to his daughter and niece in a tub that is, miraculously, still intact despite the wartime destruction of their home and, indeed, of the whole neighbourhood visible beyond. Even here, the meaning lies less in thoughts about war and peace or the Israel-Palestine conflict than in the amazing resilience of this family, in the phenomenal capacity of humans to construct islets of safety and comfort even amid a sea of suffering.
Large format, spiral bound, one month to view. Use as an art photography calendar or open up to reveal space for writing.
Photo-only view size: 28cm x 56cm. Open size: 56cm x 56cm. 26 pages, paperback, dual purpose layout.
Printed on FSC certified paper, with inks from renewable raw materials

(Price & availability last checked: September 2023)

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