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Teaching With Equity

by Aja Hannah - £15.99  Ulysses Press (2022)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781646043569 | ISBN 10: 1646043561

Learn how to incorporate equitable teaching practices in your everyday classroom with this helpful guide designed to help your young students thrive.
  Bringing racial equity into the classroom doesn’t have to be an intimidating task. Teaching with Equity will help you take the first step in making your classroom a fun, safe, and fulfilling environment for all students.
  First, start off by establishing a baseline: Where is racial equity lacking in your classroom and where are there opportunities for change? Then learn about the common stereotypes that students of color often face before finally diving into resources like interactive worksheets, surveys, grading rubrics, lesson plans, and more designed to help teachers:
* Talk about race effectively with your young students
* Include diverse people and cultures in assignments and homework
* Provide learning resources and material that feature people of color
* Build racial comfort in your classroom
And more!
Teaching with Equity will help K–5 school teachers gain the confidence and knowledge needed to make their classroom equitable for students of all backgrounds.

(Price & availability last checked: December 2022)

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