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George Orwell Illustrated

by David Smith, illustrated by Mike Mosher - £14.99  Haymarket Books (2018)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781608467839 | ISBN 10: 160846783x

George Orwell’s story told in full, with a light touch and copious illustrations.
“...often remarkably judicious.” That’s what Peter Davison, the editor of George Orwell’s Complete Works, said in 1998 about these authors, Orwell for Beginners, contained in this volume.
No twentieth-century writer remains more vividly etched in the public imagination than George Orwell, thanks to Animal Farm and the unforgettable Nineteen Eighty-Four — and thanks, as well, to the persisting power of the logic-defying authoritarianism Orwell warned us about. George Orwell remains relevant because Big Brothers remain as brazen and truthless as ever.
This book brings Orwell to life as never before. New discoveries — including a human rights manifesto coauthored with Bertrand Russell and Arthur Koestler — help us better understand the worldview behind the words. In part two of this book, Planet Orwell, Orwell’s manifesto appears here for the first time, along with a wealth of fresh biographical and literary insights.

(Price & availability last checked: February 2019)

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