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Clara Zetkin: Selected Writings

by Clara Zetkin, Edited by Philip S. Foner, Foreword by Angela Y. Davis and Rosalyn - £12.99  Haymarket Books (2015)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781608463909 | ISBN 10: 1608463907

"Clara Zetkin's arguments in support of women workers contain a logic which can be effectively employed today in defense of strong affirmative action programs, not only for women but for the racially and nationally oppressed as well... Her analysis of the relationship between the woman suffrage campaign and the struggles of working women... is significant not only because of its important historical value but also... with respect to the class nature of contemporary women's struggles... in the United States."
(Angela Y. Davis, from the foreword)
Here is an essential collection of essays and speeches from 1889 to 1933, long unavailable in the United States, on women's equality, labor, peace and socialism. Zetkin broke new ground by exploring the intersections of gender and class. In these writings, she describes the political process that ultimately allowed for socialized reproduction namely the establishment by the Soviet revolutionary government of communal kitchens, laundries and child care facilities.
Clara Zetkin was a German Marxist theorist, activist, and advocate for women's rights. In 1911, she organized the first International Women's Day.

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