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After the Wall: Confessions from an East German Childhood and the Life That Came Next

by Jana Hensel - £8.99  Perseus Books Group (2008)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781586485597 | ISBN 10: 1586485598

If you woke up one morning and your country was gone, who would you be?
Jana Hensel was thirteen on November 9, 1989, the night the Berlin Wall fell. In all the euphoria over German reunification, no one stopped to think what it would mean for Jana and her generation of East Germans.
These were the kids of the seventies, who had grown up in the shadow of Communism with all its hokey comforts: the Young Pioneer youth groups, the cheerful Communist propaganda, and with the comforting knowledge that they lived in a German unblemished by an ugly Nazi past and a callous capitalist future.
Suddenly East Germany disappeared, swallowed up by the West, and in its place was everything Jana and her friends had coveted for so long - designer clothes, Hollywood movies, supermarkets.
Today they have all the right Western products and mannerisms. But who are they?

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