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Gendered Intersections: An Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

by Lesley Biggs and Pamela Downe (editors) - £26.00  Fernwood Publishing (2005)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781552661543 | ISBN 10: 1552661547

Gendered Intersections brings together a diverse group of academics, artists and activists who explore the politics of women’s and men’s everyday lives. Adopting a variety of perspectives, the contributors show that “the personal is political” in Aboriginal self-government initiatives; the challenges faced by those living in poverty; the struggles of waged workers, food producers, scientists and home-care workers; celebrations of spirituality and violations of bodies; fashion; globalization; pedagogical strategies; and community activism. This collection examines the intersections across and between gender, race, culture, class, ability, sexuality, age and geographical location. Through academic research, poetry, statistics, visual essays, fiction, emails and music, the contributors explore a wide-range of issues that highlight the complexities and nuances of “doing gender” in the twenty-first century.

"Gendered Intersections covers the gaps left by more traditional types of scholarship on gender. Its reach is broad and eclectic – a strength that neatly uncovers silences about every-day life. "
(Marjorie Griffin Cohen, Chair of Women’s Studies, Simon Fraser University )
"The editors of this provocative and insightful set of readings wisely bring together critical pieces on the most interesting issues currently affecting the lives of women, men, and children. In drawing upon artists, academics and activists to lively discuss what it means to be ‘doing gender,’ Lesley Biggs and Pamela Downe have produced a volume which will excite students and energize instructors. The many concise contributions which link the personal and tailored to spark debate and discussion."
(Angus McLaren, History, University of Victoria )

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