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A Year Like No Other: Life on a Low Income During COVID-19

by Various authors - £14.99  Bristol University Press (2022)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781447364696 | ISBN 10: 1447364694

By Ruth Patrick, Maddy Power, Kayleigh Garthwaite, Jim Kaufman, Geoff Page and Katie Pybus.
Money was already tight for UK families living on a low income before the Covid-19 pandemic, but national lockdowns made life much harder. Telling the stories of these families, this book exposes the ways that pre-existing inequalities, insecurities and hardships were amplified during the pandemic for families who were already in poverty before COVID-19, as well as those pushed into poverty by the economic fallout it created. Drawing on the Covid Realities research programme, and developed in partnership with parents and carers, it explores experiences of home-schooling, social security receipt and government, community and charitable support.
This book sets out all that is wrong with the status quo, while also offering a powerful agenda for change. Also see 'COVID-19 Collaborations: Researching Poverty and Low-Income Family Life during the Pandemic' (Open Access) to find out more about the challenges of carrying out research during COVID-19.

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