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Teach Yourself How to Interpret Dreams

by Leila Bright - £10.99  Hodder Education (2013)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781444190199 | ISBN 10: 1444190199

Do you want to know what your dreams mean? Are you keen to use your dreams to solve problems? Are you looking for an introduction to this fascinating subject?
What do our dreams mean? Throughout recorded history this question has fascinated people all over the world. How to Interpret Dreams is a complete handbook - simple, practical and easy to use - which suggests a host of possible answers. Dreams can serve as guides to your inner self and to your relationships, health and career success.
Teach Yourself How to Interpret Dreams explains how you can benefit from the power of dreams by:
- Recalling dreams vividly and distinguishing significant from insignificant dreams.
- Learning to work with symbols to gain insight into the messages hidden in dreams.
- Appreciating the role played by specific types of dream - prophetic, anxiety, sexual etc.
- Harnessing the power of lucid and mutual dreaming.
- Learning to generate dreams to help solve specific problems.
It includes case studies and sample entries from dream diaries as well as a comprehensive, quick-reference A to Z of the meaning of symbols - from abyss to zoo, fog to sunshine and bereavement to birth, plus hundreds of others in between.

(Price & availability last checked: November 2013)

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