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Self Defence and Protection Awareness For Women

by Alison Sharman - £12.99  AuthorHouse (2005)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781420886191 | ISBN 10: 1420886193

The book begins with a ‘A Night to Remember’, this is the true story of an attack upon Alison Sharman, a 20 year old young mother pushing her 10 week old daughter through the street of Halifax, England on a cold winters evening. It explains the circumstances of the attack and how the young mum fought back to preserve the life of her and her young baby.
The story incorporates how she was treated by the local Police and because she never saw the attackers face how she feared he would be coming after her and how Alison fought back by deciding to join the local Police and eventually chose the career path of being a Detective.
Due to Alison’s experience as a Karate expert and being a detective she designed a course for women around Self Defence Techniques and complete protection Awareness, ‘The Art Of Self Belief’ based on her own life experience and how she chose to fight back.
The first chapter covers basic awareness when in your home or in the street or travelling in your car. The book moves on to explain the current law in England in relation to Self Defence and how far people are actually allowed to go to protect themselves if they are subject to an attack.
The next chapter is based on forensic awareness and what to do and what to expect if we are attacked and how we can preserve all forensic evidence to assist the Investigating officers.
The final chapter covers 26 basic self defence techniques from punching to elbow strikes to arm locks, knife attacks and take downs.
The conclusion explains how a man was arrested and served 15 years for an attack on a young women in Halifax.

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