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Malcolm X Speaks

by Malcolm X, edited by George Breitman - £17.00  Pathfinder (1989)
hardback    ISBN 13: 9780873485463 | ISBN 10: 0873485467

Speeches from the last year of Malcolm X's life through which readers can follow the evolution of his views on racism, U.S. intervention in the Congo and Vietnam, capitalism, socialism, political action, and more.

"To understand this remarkable man, one must turn to Malcolm X Speaks... All but one of the speeches were made in those last eight tumultuous months of his life after his break with the Black Muslims when he was seeking a new path. In their pages one can begin to understand his power as a speaker and to see, more clearly than in the Autobiography [of Malcolm X], the political legacy he left his people in its struggle for full emancipation... [This book] will have a permanent place in the literature of the Afro-American struggle."
(I.F. Stone in New York Review of Books)
"Formidably articulate, especially in terms of international political analysis.... [W]hat made Malcolm X dangerous—in the eyes and ears of the Federal Bureau of Investigation—was his cogent critique of not just violent white racism, but of U.S. imperialism, and his ability to connect both practices."
(Globe and Mail, Canada)

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