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Making Palestine's History: Women's Testimonies

by Jehan Helou - £15.99  Spokesman Books (2022)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780851249056 | ISBN 10: 0851249051

"Jehan Helou’s book tells stories of women freedom fighters in their own words, stories untold except maybe to their families and in female circles, even though they are stories that helped determine the course of the Palestinian cause. Much more than novels or tales, these stories are closer to the experiences which must be used in new studies and analyses of the Palestinian Revolution and its stages, and for Palestinian history in general."
(Juheina Khaldieh, As Safir newspaper, Lebanon)
"The modern Palestinian woman saw women’s liberation as essential for her humanity and a prerequisite for national liberation victory. What factors enhanced or hindered this aspiration? No doubt there was a revolution in women’s situation in the 1970s – the beginning of real liberation, real social transformation with new revolutionary norms and values, compared to their situation only a few years previously. Women did not wait to be given their liberation; they grasped it by struggle and determination!"
(Jehan Helou, from her Introduction)

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