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The Vegan Cook's Bible

by Pat Crocker - £16.95  Robert Rose Inc (2009)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780778802174 | ISBN 10: 0778802175

Discover the delicious delights of a vegan diet.
Pat Crocker's recipes capture the natural flavors at the very core of plant-based foods. This collection proves that a vegan diet can be rich, varied and delicious, responding to modern, sophisticated palates.
Using a rainbow of natural whole foods, these 250 recipes offer a wide range of combinations and a host of ideas for preparation. Some of the featured recipes are:
* Sweet potato wild rice cakes accompanied by braised greens with cherries and pine nuts
* Gingered carrot and turnip puree
* Green bean, pecan and pomegranate salad
* Pan-seared artichokes with pomegranate molasses
* Mushroom-stuffed fennel and red peppers
* Rice with red curry cauliflower.
What elevates this book are the profiles of 150 fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, soy foods, sea vegetables, herbs and flavorings, with data on their healing actions, uses and storage. These prescriptive vegan meals will have a positive impact on all of the body's major systems, from the cardiovascular to the immune.
The winning combination of delicious recipes and the extraordinary health benefits of a vegan diet delivers meals that will please non-vegetarians and vegans alike.

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