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Black, White and Gold: My Autobiography

by Kelly Holmes with Fanny Blake - £9.99  Virgin Books (2008)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780753513170 | ISBN 10: 075351317x

Kelly Holmes had two dreams - to join the army, and bring home a gold medal from the Olympic Games. But winning double gold in the 2004 Olympics and becoming Dame Kelly Holmes was much more than fulfilling a dream; it was a reward for a lifetime of relentless dedication to a sport and a secret battle with pain and self-doubt.
Now fully updated to include her retirement from athletics, Black, White and Gold tells Kelly's story of growing up as a mixed-race child, being a woman in the army and the extreme pressure behind the scenes of her athletic career. What emotions boil behind the strong facade? How did she cope with the immense pressures and setbacks that threatened to end her Olympic dreams and how did it feel to realise them in the end?
Black, White and Gold reminds us that there are at least three sides to every hero, and is the inspirational story of a woman who would give everything to realise her dreams.

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