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by Jan Morris - £8.99  Faber & Faber (2018)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780571341139 | ISBN 10: 0571341136

As one of Britain's best and most loved travel writers, Jan Morris has led an extraordinary life. Perhaps her most remarkable work is this grippingly honest account of her ten-year transition from man to woman - its pains and joys, its frustrations and discoveries.
On first publication in 1974, the book generated enormous interest and curiosity around the world, and was subsequently chosen by The Times as one of the '100 Key Books of Our Time'. Including a new introduction, this re-issue maks a return to that particular journey.

"As a communication of the incommunicable, Conundrum is very good indeed; but it is even more than that. On every aspect of the conundrum itself, she is consistently brilliant - and, as befits brilliance, no less consistently illuminating... [This is] a book which is throughout fascinating in its shrewdness, warmth and honesty, and which has not a sentence in it but is fresh and alive and beautifully turned. James Morris crossed the strangest river that any man can come to in his life; now let the trumpets sound for the woman, Jan, on the other side."

(Price & availability last checked: April 2018)

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