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My Secret Diary: Dating, Dreams and Dilemmas

by Jacqueline Wilson - £6.99  Random House Children's Books (2010)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780552561563 | ISBN 10: 0552561568

"Ever since I was little, I have loved writing stories and poems. I would get an idea, buy a new exercise book, and start writing industriously, thinking myself the creator of a masterpiece. But by the end of the week I would think of another better idea and repeat the rigamarole. But now I have the better idea of writing a diary, as I hope I will never get sick of my own life... I'm only very ordinary, admittedly, but interesting things do sometimes happen to me."
(Jacqueline Wilson, aged 14)
In 1960, you'd wear stiff petticoats and dancing shoes, Now, you'd wear jeans and trainers.
In 1960, you'd spend hours listening to records in your local store. Now, you'd spend hours listening to music online.
In 1960 you'd learn all the steps to the latest dances. Now, you just make up your own moves.
But girls always have and always will have crushes on boys, argue with their parents, get embarrassed at school, want to stay out with their friends, and spend hours fixing their hair.
A wonderfully written and engaging memoir of life as a teenager. Includes original photos of Jacqueline and her friends.

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