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Iran Awakening: From Prison to Peace Prize

by Shirin Ebadi - £8.99  Ebury Press (Rider & Co) (2007)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781846040146 | ISBN 10: 1846040140

Throughout an extraordinary career as a lawyer, writer, activist and dissident Shirin Ebadi has spoken out clearly and strongly for her native Iran and her voice has resonated far beyond its borders. As a dedicated human rights activist and a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Ebadi has almost single-handedly given both Iran and the world reason to hope for a better future.
Now, in this unforgettable memoir, Ebadi provides an eyewitness account of one woman standing at the crossroads of history. Best known as a lawyer who defends women and children in politically charged cases that in most of her profession refuse to touch, Ebadi recounts her public career and reveals her private self: her faith, her experiences and her desire to lead a traditional life, even while serving as a rebellious voice in a land where such voices are muted and brutally silenced.
Ebadi descibes her girlhood in a modest Tehran household, her education and her early professional success in the mid-1970s as Iran's most accomplished female jurist. She speaks eloquently about the ideals of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, and of her deep disillusionment with the direction Iran has since taken under the guidance of the hard-line clerics. When the religious authorities declared women unfit to serve as judges, Ebadi was demoted to clerk in the courtroom over which she had once presided.
In reading her story, however, we see not a larger-than-life presence but a devoted daughter, wife and mother, a down-to-earth woman who has braved imprisonment, harassment, assassination and her family's humiliation, all for the dream of a better Iran.
Written with modesty, passion and humanity, Iran Awakening is the inspiring memoir of a remarkable woman and her battle for the soul of a nation that is uneasily poised at the centre of Middle Eastern and global events.

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