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Lessons of the Spanish Revolution (1936-1939)

by Vernon Richards - £6.00  Freedom Press (1983)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780900384233 | ISBN 10: 0900384239

It was the revolutionary movement in Spain which took up Franco's challenge in July 1936, not as supporters of the Popular Front Government but in the name of the Social Revolution. This book examines to what extent the revolutionary movement was responsible for its own defeat. Was it too weak to carry through the revolution? To what extent was the purchase of arms and raw materials outside dependent on the maintenance of an appearance of a constitutional government inside Republican Spain? What chances had an improvised army of guerrillas against a regular fighting force? These were some of the practical problems facing the revolutionary movement and its leaders. But in seeking to solve these problems, the anarchists and revolutionary syndicalists were also confronted with other questions which were fundamental to the whole theoretical and moral bases of their organisation. To what extent could they collaborate with the political parties and the UGT union? In the circumstances was one form of government to be supported against another? Should the revolutionary impetus of the first days of resistance be halted in the 'interests' of the armed struggle against Franco or be allowed to develop as far as the workers were able and prepared to take it? Was the situation such that the social revolution could triumph and , if not, what was to be the role of the revolutionary workers?

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