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Everton Football Club 1878-1946

by John Rowlands - £10.99  Tempus Publishing (2001)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780752422596 | ISBN 10: 0752422596

This collection of original material and photographs charts the history of this proud and well-supported club, from its early days, when the tema was still playing at Stanley Park, through to 1946. It illustrates the highlights of the period of the club's history between 1878 and 1946, and recalls Football League and FA Cup triumphs, as well as including insights into the everyday life of the players and the club.
Famous players featured in this pictoral history include Jack Sharp, George Harrison, Dixie Dean, Sam Chedgzoy, Albert Geldard, Tommy Lawton and Joe Mercer. Less well-known players are also mentioned, as are some of the club's great innovations, which were to affect the whole course of football - their pioneering use of goal nets and telegraphic indicators for scoreboards are just two of such developments.
Written by respected football historian John Rowlands, this fascinating history, illustrated by over 200 photographs which are accompanied by detailed captions, is bound to delight Everton fans everywhere.

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