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Intercourse (Twentieth Anniversary Edition)

by Andrea Dworkin - £13.99  The Perseus Books Group (2006)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780465017522 | ISBN 10: 0465017525

Andrea Dworkin, once called "Feminism's Malcolm X," has been worshipped, reviled, criticized, and analyzed - but never ignored. The power of her writing, the passion of her ideals, and the ferocity of her intellect have spurred the arguments and activism of two generations of feminism.
Now, the book that she's best known for - in which she provoked the argument that ultimately split apart the feminist movement - is being reissued for the young women and men of the twenty-first century.
Intercourse enraged as many readers as it inspired when it was first published in 1987. In it, Dworkin argues that in a male supremacist society, sex between men and women constitutes a central part of women's subordination to men - and pointedly asks the toughest question of feminism: Can a woman fight the power when he shares her bed?

"Andrea Dworkin's monumental work, Intercourse, is feminist theory at its best - clear, coherent, profound, shocking, and even at times funny...Intercourse is a work of deep healing, grief, and rage - and uncompromising vision."
(Mary Daly, author of 'Beyond God the Father' and 'Gyn-Ecology')

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