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Guerrilla Warfare

by Che Guevara - £7.99  Souvenir Press (2003)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780285636804 | ISBN 10: 0285636804

'Guerilla Warfare' is Che Guevara's own story of the Cuban revolution. Che wrote the book in 1960, shortly after the 1956-1959 revolution. He originally intended it to be a manual for the other guerilla movements of Latin America, and believed that revolution on a wider scale would result from guerilla war. Before Che became an icon of revolutionary martyrdom he was a soldier, a military strategist and inspirational leader. Che's dream was to unite the developing world through armed revolution and to end the poverty and injustice that had dominated it for centuries. 'Guerilla Warfare' is the work of a man before he was turned into a myth, while he was forming the beliefs that today form the basis for numerous political struggles around the world. The Cuban revolution against the Batista dictatorship was also a struggle against American imperialism in Latin America. For Che, American capitalism had merely replaced colonial exploitation and his prophetic insights into the globalisation that now domainates world politics are as pertinent today. This is more than an instruction guide to founding a guerilla movement, it is a work that sets out the faith necessary for political action, an evocation of Che's own idealism.

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