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Passage to Power: Natural Menopause Revolution

by Leslie Kenton - £14.99  Ebury Press (1998)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780091815943 | ISBN 10: 0091815940

Leslie Kenton's Passage to Power:
- Questions the benefits of standard HRT, examines the politics behind it, and critises many of the unhelpful medical practices surrounding the menopause,
- Offers simple, safe and natural methods to treat osteoporosis and to relieve the symptoms of PMS and the menopause,
- Shows women how to reconnect with their deepest levels of intuition and instinct,
It also contains revolutionary scientific findings on:
- The devastating effects of xenoestrogens - environmental chemicals to which western women are increasingly exposed, and
- The extraordinary healing powers of natural progesterone - the hormone which exactly mirrors that produced by women's own bodies.
Passage to Power will transform the lives of women over 35 who suffer from or fear the menopause.

(Price & availability last checked: May 2018)

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